Looking Ahead: 
Consumer Protection through Professional Regulation

Toronto, Ontario  |  June 15, 2010

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Don Mercer, Consumers Council of Canada
Is there Too Much “Self” in Self-Regulation

  • Whose interests are really being served?
  • How does “the public interest” relate to the end consumer?
  • How is the end consumer protected through self-regulation?

Deanna Williams, Ontario College of Pharmacists
Self-Regulation: A Privilege Not A Right

  • Governance models – committee compositions, etc.
  • Investigation of complaints and adjudication of discipline matters
  • Public interest does not necessarily equal consumer interest

David Christian, SC Dept. of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

Alternatives to Self-Regulation: Is the State the Answer?

  • Methods / models of state regulation – autonomous, gov’t agency, semi-autonomous
  • Issues of independence
  • Funding issues – taxpayer perspectives
  • Centralization – one stop shopping for the public

Jacob Bakan, Legal Services Branch, Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services
The Consumer Protection Act: Setting the Stage
  • Consumer Rights
  • Service Provider Obligations
  • Consumer Remedies and Powers of the Director/Minister
Richard Steinecke, Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc
Barriers to Consumer Satisfaction
  • Limitations in existing professional regulatory legislation that prevent powers similar to CPA
  • Do the regulators have the stomach to take on consumer protection powers?
Jonathan Bracken, UK Health Professions Council
The UK Experience – Learning from Tough Lessons
  • Murder, abuse and clinical tragedy as catalysts for regulatory reform

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