CLEAR Service Award for Lifetime Achievement |  Donna Mooney-Haywood

The CLEAR Service Award for Lifetime Achievement recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding contribution and commitment to CLEAR, demonstrating dedication and integrity. The recipient shall have shown exceptional leadership, vision and creativity in the fulfillment of the goals and objectives of CLEAR. CLEAR is pleased to present the 2020 CLEAR Service Award for Lifetime Achievement to Donna Mooney - Haywood

Donna served as president of CLEAR twice, with terms that occurred at significantly different development stages in the organization's history. Her first term was from 1994 to 1995 and the second from 2001 to 2002. Each of these terms required a different type of leadership and called for creativity and vision to meet the challenges that were being faced. Before, between, and after these terms of service Donna remained consistent with her active participation in virtually all aspects of the services and programs of the organization.

Over three decades of actively engagement and dedication to the organization are clear indicators of Donna's contributions and demonstrate her leadership, vision, creativity and commitment to CLEAR.

CLEAR Investigative Excellence Award (Individual) | Nicholas Woloszczuk

The CLEAR Investigative Excellence Award recognizes an investigator who has demonstrated exceptional performance in a particular case that resulted in a direct and significant impact to the protection of the public. CLEAR is proud to present the 2020 Investigative Excellence Award to Nicholas Woloszczuk, Investigator with the Ontario College of Teachers.

Mr. Woloszczuk investigated an alleged “grooming” case, involving a 14-year old student and her teacher. While the Police and School Board obtained the mobile phones belonging to Student 1, a digital forensic search of the phones was not conducted. The School Board and Police interviewed Student 1 and determined that while there was evidence of “grooming”, there was no evidence of sexual misconduct rising to a criminal level and so charges would not be filed. Mr. Woloszczuk’s interview with Student 1 resulted in new information and led to the forensic examination of three mobile phones. The examination revealed the presence of sexualized images on the phones and ultimately led to a disciplinary hearing in December 2019 which resulted in the Member’s teaching certification being revoked.

In recognition of his tenacity, perseverance and commitment to public protection shown in this case, CLEAR is honored to present its 2020 Investigative Excellence Award to Nicholas Woloszczuk.

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