Conference Tracks and Sessions

Administration, Legislation,
and Policy
Compliance and Discipline
Entry to Practice and BeyondTesting and Examinations

Administration, Legislation, and Policy
  • England, Wales, and the Rest of the Regulatory World: Examining and Extrapolating the Independent Review of Legal Regulation
  • Expanding Regulatory Reach - How Effective Stakeholder Engagement Can Support Core Regulatory Activities and Protect the Public
  • Hot Topic Sessions:
    • Making It Millennial: Professional Regulation and the Next Generation
    • Being the Subject of Government Performance Review and Coming Out the Other Side
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Implementing Nudges - The New Tool for Lighter Touch Regulatory Reform
  • Rare Events with Catastrophic Impacts: Lessons from Cases Involving Intentional Harm to Patients
  • The Balance Between Public Protection and the Right to Earn a Living
  • The Duty of Candor: Interesting Experiment or Doomed Endeavour?
  • Using Data to Drive Safe Practice
  • Working in the Public Interest? What Constitutes Independent Regulation?
Compliance and Discipline
  • Addressing Mental Health Concerns in the Investigative Process: Lessons from a Mental Health Profession
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective Management of Disciplinary Matters
  • Expedited and Enhanced Public Protection via Inter-Agency Collaboration
  • Interim Orders 360: The Latest in Interim Orders from Around the World
  • Hot Topic Session:
    • Investigator Roundtable
  • Regulation Through Punishment or Remediation: Changing the Conversation
  • The Enforcement Workload Calculator: Creating an Interactive Business and Intelligence Model
  • Trust But Verify, Compliance Monitoring as Risk Mitigation
  • Who Says You're a Professional? Values That Influence Behavior and the Changing Regulatory Landscape
Entry to Practice and Beyond
  • Debunking the Continuing Competency Program Myth
  • Developing Professional Competencies with an Emphasis on Cultural Competency: The Journey of Three Regulators
  • Dual Mandate - The Benefits of Connecting Accreditation of Professional Preparation Programs to the Licensure Process
  • Entry to Practice Competencies: Excellent or Expired?
  • If I Was Going There, I Wouldn't Start from Here: Learning Outcomes of Punitive Versus Non-Punitive CPD Enforcement Processes Within a Multi-Profession Health and Social Care Regulator
  • Interprofessional Education Standards for Contemporary Health Delivery
  • Loopholes Hidden in Plain Sight: Challenges to Professional Accreditation in a Dual-Sector Regulatory Environment
  • Too Much Information! The Use of a Professional's Social Media History in Registration, Investigations, and Professional Misconduct Prosecutions
Testing and Examinations
  • Avatars, Googles, and Gloves: Oh My! A Debate on the Future of Competency Assessments
  • Competency Modeling in Credentialing: Alternative Perspectives and Applications
  • Fact or Fiction? Debunking 5 Testing Assessment Myths
  • Hot Topic Sessions:
    • A Hard Look at Soft Skills: Implications for Certification and Licensure
    • Increasing Test Program Security and Efficiency Using Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)
  • Implementing AIG: What is the State of the Art?
  • OMG: What Were We Thinking? Wrong Turns in Testing and Ways to Avoid and Recover from Them!
  • Security and Test Development: How to Ensure Your Test Development Process is Secure from Start to Finish
  • SMEs - Can't Live with 'Em, Can't Live without 'Em: Managing Conflicts and Biases Among Experts
  • What Do These Numbers Mean and What Can I Do About It?
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