CLEAR Exam Review Submission Requirements

  • We accept articles that are related to testing and examination issues in the context of professional licensure and certification.
  • Articles typically range in length from approximately 2000 to 4000 words, or 4 to 8 single-spaced, typed pages. More importantly, though, the article should be of an appropriate length to cover the topic.
  • Please submit articles written in APA style. (See tutorials/basics-tutorial.aspx for more information).
  • Charts and figures can be included within the text of the submitted article, but a separate clean copy may be required for publication use.
  • Materials should be submitted electronically to Stephanie Thompson at, preferably as a Microsoft Word document. The submission email message should include the author’s name, title, organization and contact information.
By submitting materials for consideration, the author guarantees that the article is original and accurate and does not infringe on any copyright laws. The author grants to CLEAR full rights to publish the article. The author grants CLEAR the right to post, print and reprint the article. The author shall retain all other intellectual property rights, including the right to post or publish the article on their own organization’s website, provided reference is given to the CLEAR publication.

Submission does not guarantee publication. Articles and papers submitted to CLEAR are peer-reviewed by CLEAR committee members and selected based on interest and expertise in the topic area. CLEAR Exam Review has its own editorial board. The names or organizational identity of the author(s) will not be disclosed to the reviewers, and review comments will not be attributed to specific reviewers unless both parties agree that the article or paper could benefit from direct discussion between author and reviewer.

Review Timeline
CLEAR Exam Review is published in the spring/summer and fall/winter. The submission deadline for consideration for the spring/summer issue is typically March. The submission deadline for consideration for the fall/winter issue is typically August. You may, however, submit a manuscript at any time. Review and correspondence about CLEAR Exam Review articles will generally be directly between the author and the CER editorial board.

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