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The CLEAR Exchange is an online collaboration focused on exchanging evaluation data related to regulatory and practice policy from a variety of regulatory sources. As regulators strive to make their decisions evidence-based, sharing evaluation data on questions and projects large and small will be a tremendous benefit to all.

Do you have research or evaluation data that you'd like to share?
We welcome research and evaluation of all types to increase and support evidence-informed regulation.  Examples of material for submission might be: a research study on peer assessment; the use of a governance evaluation survey; a sunset review; a survey of members' opinions on a new rule; a submission to government on a policy matter.  The aim is to capture smaller unpublished studies, evaluation reports, background discussion papers, and other data that, if shared, are helpful to others as questions and discussions are repeated at board tables around the globe.
In order to facilitate consistency in regulatory terminology across the various jurisdictions, please feel free to reference CLEAR's Glossary of Regulatory Terminology.

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