Online National Certified Investigator & Inspector Training (eNCIT) US Basic Programming - February 2022 Offering

  • 14 Feb 2022
  • 25 Feb 2022
  • Virtual Program
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  • Registration to this program includes access to an eParticipant Guide. With CLEAR’s commitment to the environment, this program manual is provided electronically through our partnership with Mimeo.

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  • Registration to this program includes access to an eParticipant Guide. With CLEAR’s commitment to the environment, this program manual is provided electronically through our partnership with Mimeo.


CLEAR is pleased to announce it will offer the Online National Certified Investigator & Inspector Training (ENCIT) Basic program.

This program will begin on February 14, 2022

This program is facilitated using CLEAR's  US content. 

Program Agenda

After registration, attendees will receive a welcome email one week prior to the start date of the program.

CLEAR’s NCIT Online Basic program is offered through a combination of self-paced modules and live instruction through our virtual training platform. 

CLEAR is moving to a Green initiative and using eBooks for our virtual CLEAR Learning programs.  Participants will be able to order a physical book for an additional fee.


Self-Paced Modules


Introduction and Welcome


Module One                Professional Conduct

Includes development of professional attitudes, conduct and relationships with other regulatory and law enforcement agencies.


Module Two                Principles of Administrative Law

Covers the basic guidelines for understanding administrative law and procedure and the regulatory process.                


Module Four               Principles of Evidence

Explains the sources of evidence law, including information regarding evidence in administrative cases.                                  


Module Five                Evidence Collection, Tagging and Storage

Provides basic guidelines for gathering evidence, including proper techniques for the custody and storage of evidence.


Module Seven             Investigator Safety

An overview of safety concerns for investigators and high-level strategies to mitigating danger.


Module Eight               Overview of Inspections

Explains the inspector's role and the specific steps in an inspection including planning the inspection, conducting the inspection, and writing the formal report.                


Live Delivery Modules

Module Three              Investigative Process

Gives attendees a basic understanding of the investigative process including the intake of complaints, investigative planning, and the execution of an investigative plan.


Module Six                  Interviewing Techniques

Emphasizes techniques for obtaining complete and accurate verbal information. Explains the proper method of interviewing, how to establish rapport with persons being interviewed, considerations for interview preparation and proper and improper questioning techniques.


Module Nine               Report Writing

Helps attendees learn how to write a factual report that is accurate, logical, clear, concise, and complete.


Module Ten                 Testifying in Administrative and Criminal Proceedings

Emphasizes the basic skills and techniques for effective witness testimony.                 


Question and Answer Session/Review

Full program information and timeline will be emailed to registered attendees.  This program will be delivered over a two week period.

Technical Requirements:

Before registering for this program, please make sure that the desktop/laptop/mobile device that you plan to use for this program can operate with the requirements HERE.   If you register and you are not able to participate due to lack of the requirements, CLEAR does not offer refunds for the program. 

CLEAR Cancellation Policy
Registrant substitutions are welcome. Cancellations are subject to a $95 US service charge and will be subtracted from any refunds. Cancellations received after January 31, 2022 are subject to the full registration fee. No refunds will be given after January 31, 2022.

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