How Can the Regulator's Toolkit help YOU?

Bruce Matthews, deputy registrar, Real Estate Council of Ontario

In early 2011, RECO was looking to introduce a Complaint Form as a means of enhancing / standardizing / streamlining the initial portion of our complaints process. Our prior process was a bit cumbersome and required more back-and-forth with a complainant before we were in a position to formally deal with the complaint. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we looked at the example complaint forms in the CLEAR Regulator’s Toolkit as a starting point. Those examples helped us ensure we were capturing everything we needed (and nothing extraneous). At the same time as the Complaint Form was introduced, we updated our complaint information brochures that are provided to the public and to registrants. Again, the examples in the Toolkit were of assistance in formulating those documents. Referencing the documents in Toolkit expedited the development of our documents. We went from idea to approved documentation in a little over four months. I would say that the greatest benefit of the Toolkit is the ability to not reinvent the wheel – it recognizes that as regulators, we face common challenges. While there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, the work that others have done can inform and assist in order to shorten development and implementation times.

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