Questions a Legislator Should Ask, Third Edition

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Questions a Legislator Should Ask is designed to provide important questions to be asked, as well as background information, to assist policymakers in their deliberation of proposed new professional regulation as well as revisions to current statutes. The questions included will help guide legislators towards achieving the desired goal of creating legislation that protects the public from unscrupulous practitioners. This book can also be of value to legislative staff and regulators who may need to provide information to stakeholders. The background information will serve as a basis for understanding the benefits and liabilities of regulation. The original 1978 edition of Questions a Legislator Should Ask, by Benjamin Shimberg and Doug Roederer, Kara Schmitt, Editor, is considered a classic among state policy makers. Although there have been myriad changes to regulation during the past 40 years, most of the original questions are still applicable in today’s environment. This version includes an updated reference list, more current citations and examples, and some of the new practices found in the 21st century.

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