CLEAR Webinar recording: Artificial Intelligence in Regulatory Practice: Opportunities and Considerations

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In the regulatory context, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly commonplace for administrative decision making. This includes AI for registration, disciplinary and examination integrity purposes. However, there are several emerging legal and ethical considerations that must be considered when using AI. The majority of concerns lie in the unexplainable black box, meaning the “how” is not explainable or understandable. The purpose of this presentation is to outline the opportunities, threats and considerations of using AI in the regulatory context. This includes a number of considerations of administrative law such as transparency, impartiality, authority, and the role of discretion in decision making. In addition, there are several considerations related to the defensibility of AI-led decision making; especially as it relates to the justification and rationale of decisions. Although relatively new in the regulatory context, AI has been used for several years in online proctoring. In that time, the industry experienced significant learnings which have led to a reframing and evolution of the use of AI when proctoring high-stakes professional testing examinations. Based on several legal and ethical considerations, many best practices and recommendations from high stakes online proctoring could be readily applied to the regulatory field to enhance sound and defensible administrative decision making. Originally presented December 2021 Speakers: Chris Beauchamp, Vice President, Psychometrics, Meazure Learning Lynsay Nair, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses Ashley Norris, Chief Compliance Officer, Meazure Learning

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