CLEAR Webinar recording: Questions a Legislator Should Ask: A foundation for regulatory understanding

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This series starts with a CLEAR podcast episode ( The series continues with a 2-part webinar recording. As can be inferred from the title, the Questions a Legislator Should Ask series is designed to provide important questions to be asked, as well as background information, to assist policymakers in their deliberation of proposed new professional regulation as well as revisions to current statutes. Although not all of the questions may be applicable in all situations, the ones included will help guide legislators towards achieving the desired goal of creating legislation that protects the public from unscrupulous practitioners. This series of online conversations, as well as the book on which it is based (order in the Store), can also be of value to legislative staff and regulators who may need to provide information to stakeholders. The background information will serve as a basis for understanding the benefits and liabilities of regulation. All professional regulation should focus on how the public’s health, safety, and welfare can be achieved. While the regulation may also benefit the profession being regulated, the primary purpose must be public protection. In this series, we will Explain the purposes of statutes, rules/regulations, policies/guidelines Outline the roles of and relationships among legislators, boards, division/departments Provide questions to help identify and clarify the problem Provide considerations for choosing the right tool for the job Share tips for engaging the Executive branch, stakeholders, and public in implementation and beyond Speakers: Kara Schmitt, Questions a Legislator Should Ask author Sara Chambers, Director, AK Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing Micah Matthews, Deputy Executive Director, Washington Medical Commission Ronne Hines, Director, Division of Professions and Occupations, Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Alice M. Henley, General Counsel, Alabama Board of Nursing

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