CLEAR Webinar recording: Doctors, Patients, Sex and Chaperones: Rethinking Medical Regulation

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There have been some significant changes to the framework, policies, and procedures for handling cases of sexual abuse committed by regulated professionals. Representatives from regulatory organizations in the United States, Australia and Canada share information about what prompted a review of these procedures, what changes have been implemented for investigations of allegations of sexual boundary violations, and what impact the changes have had. This session will include a summary of the the findings of the 2017 report by Professor Ron Paterson, ‘Independent review of the use of chaperones to protect patients in Australia,' and explains the rationale for his recommendations, adopted by the national health practitioner regulator, to abandon the use of chaperones and respond in new ways to alleged sexual misconduct by a doctor. Anne Tonkin will describe the Medical Board of Australia's response to Ron Paterson's review, including the structural and cultural changes that have occurred over the past four years to improve the management of allegations of sexual misconduct by doctors. Melanie de Leon will discuss how the Washington Medical Commission is once again scrutinizing how they investigate and process allegations of sexual misconduct by doctors and where they plan to go in the next year. Lara Kinkartz will discuss some of the key changes that were made to Ontario’s Regulated Health Professions Act in the wake of a provincial task force’s report about preventing sexual abuse of patients. Reflecting on the four years since those amendments were made, the discussion will focus on areas that have resulted in positive change, as well as new questions and challenges that have arisen. Originally presented February 2022

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