Executive Leadership Program for Regulators

What is the Executive Leadership Program for Regulators?

The Executive Leadership Program for Regulators is a comprehensive workshop covering a broad array of leadership topics relevant to regulatory administrators. Topics include issues and problems associated with creating a positive public relations program, building an appropriate relationship with stakeholders, mastering the art of negotiation, identifying and understanding the numerous types and styles of regulatory leadership and organizational culture and change.

After registering, attendees are asked to complete a brief survey so that the instructors can devote time in the program to the specific needs and interests of those participating. Attendees will participate in various role-playing activities, scenarios, group-work and discussion. In the course materials, attendees will find several valuable worksheets and checklists that they can take away and apply in their agencies and organizations.

Executive Leadership Program for Regulators - Virtual Delivery

CLEAR has developed a virtual Executive Leadership Program for Regulators.  This comprehensive two-week class will offer self-paced content and live instructor-led sessions, where attendees participate in role-playing activities, scenarios, groupwork and discussions on relevant topics.

Our current offering for this program will begin on October 15, 2021.  Please click below for more information.

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Who should attend?

The course content is directly relevant to those in a regulatory leadership position at any level of experience.  The course is also useful for marketing and communication personnel, legislators, board members and legal counsel.

What is the cost? (Both in-person and virtual programs)

    The registration fee for the three-day Executive Leadership Program for Regulators is US$465 per attendee for members and US$585 per attendee for nonmembers.

    Community Guidelines

    CLEAR’s mission is to bring together the professional and occupational regulatory community through the exchange of information, education and training, and identification of best practices. To ensure CLEAR remains a safe space to do so, we ask you review our Community Guidelines as you engage in our offerings:

    1. CLEAR is a place for novel, thoughtful, non-partisan debate, undertaken inclusively and respectfully. Those who contribute to the debate speak in their own capacity and do not necessarily represent the view(s) of CLEAR.

    2. CLEAR provides a space in which contentious issues can be safely and respectfully discussed, grounded in a sound body of professional regulatory knowledge.


    3. Acting in the public interest, regulations, and the views of regulators and the wider public, evolve over time. Discussions at CLEAR reflect this evolution of thinking, encompassing a wide variety of considered opinion.

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